Terms and Conditions



Term 1: Monday 1 February – Thursday 1 April (9 Weeks)

Term 2: Monday 19 April – Saturday 26 June (10 Weeks)

Term 3: Monday 12 July – Saturday 18 September (10 Weeks)

Term 4: Tuesday 5 October – Saturday 11 December (10 Weeks)


Term 1: Friday 2 April, Saturday 3 April Term 2: Monday 14 June

Term 3: N/A Term 4: Monday 5 October, Saturday 4 December (Mini Showcase)


2 – 3 ½ Years: Must have turned 2 years old by 1/02/21

3 – 4 ½ Years: Must have turned 3 years old by 1/02/21

4 – 6 Years: Must be attending school in 2022

2021 END OF YEAR MINI SHOWCASE (Graduating Petite Performers, Pre-Junior, All Boys Hip Hop 5-8 years, Pre-

Primary & Primary Ballet, Recreational Classes, Performance Group & Singing Students)

DANCE on Q’s 2021 End of Year Mini Showcase will be held on Saturday 4 December at The Lyceum Theatre, Castle Hill RSL Club. Petite Performers who will be starting kindergarten in 2022 will receive a graduation medal on stage. Petite Performers will be required to wear the Petite Performers uniform.


All fees must be paid prior to the commencement of class (casual visit) or term (term enrolment) and must be made for the full term (eg: family holidays during school term will not be deducted). Late fees apply to overdue invoices. Place in class is not guaranteed unless term payment is received as classes are capped at 14 students.


A non-compulsory girls uniform is available to purchase for $43 and boys Tee for $32.


Parents are required to remain in the room where the class is being held for students 3 years and younger. For students 4 + years it is recommended that parents do not stay in the class & no parents remain in the 4 – 6 years class (to minimise distractions).


Petite Performers CLASS RULES are displayed at each class. These rules ensure smooth running of classes for the benefit of each enrolled student.


Photos and videos taken by DANCE on Q may be used on the website and other advertising materials. There will be no payment for their use.

We do not credit/refund for missed classes due to holidays, injuries, pandemics/other circumstances out of our control. Students may attend make up lessons in place of missed classes.

Dancing is a physical activity and there is a risk of injury involved. DANCE on Q will not be responsible in such case. This applies to all styles and classes offered at DANCE on Q. It is also understood that to provide dance tuition it is necessary for dance teachers to guide students’ movement, which may require physical contact.